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                                         Ginger And More Business Opportunity

Why Ginger And More?

***Ginger And More Business Opportunity is not a 'get-rich-quick' scheme. In fact, it is not about getting rich at all - Though your life is expected to get enriched by it on both personal and professional levels. It represents an ideal situation for an individual who seeks to subsidize and even supplant his income by primarily educating relatives and friends about dietary supplementation, offering them Ginger and More dietary supplements to fill any existing nutritional gaps, and introducing them to the Ginger and More Distributorship program. The ultimate goal here is that, once educated, they all actively seek out other relatives and friends to repeat this ever-ending virtuous cycle. One of the desirable by-products of promoting dietary supplementation is the satisfaction to know that you are truly helping folks improving their diet and therefore their health since Nutrition and Health are inextricably linked to each other - and what a wonderful way to generate extra income and even make a living! Furthermore, Ginger and More is indeed an excellent dietary supplement company that takes pride in supplying organic, NON-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and nutrient-rich food to its customers in a world where the majority of diseases from which one suffers are associated with a lack of good or balanced nutrition.


Our Distributors:

Our ethically-minded and customer-centric Distributors are well positioned to succeed because they are backed by a company that is committed to helping their business succeed as they strive to help customers achieve their dietary goals. Also, if need be, they can always reach out to Ginger And More Customer Service  for product knowledge information or any particular business advice pertaining to the Ginger And More Business Opportunity program.

Always bear in mind that our customer service exists to serve you and is, therefore, always at your disposal.


As a Ginger And More Distributor, you are not an employee of the company but an independent Contractor who sets his own work schedule as well as his own goals. As a cautionary tale, your success is not predicated upon your prior sale experience or education but it is commensurate upon how high you set your goals and how earnestly and voraciously you pursue them. Thus, anyone with a positive mental attitude, self-discipline, and uncommon good sense is likely to achieve some level of success at the Ginger and More Business Opportunity program. Success, being a snapshot in time, requires perseverance and endurance to be maintained as it is extremely fleeting. Your aim, as a Distributor, ought not just to be success but continued success.


Of note, your compensation is a three-legged stool that can be summarized into the following propositions:

1) First, you get a referral fee or commission for any customer you refer to our site who then designates you as his/her referrer prior to effectuating his first purchase. Also, every time this particular customer makes a purchase in the future you get compensated again as long as your distributorship or membership is in active status.

2) Second, you earn a commission when you sponsor a business-minded individual like you to become a Distributor. Every time your downline make a purchase, you get compensated. What is more, when your downline sponsors a downline of his own you get compensated again. The take-home message here is that you get compensated down to two generations or levels of downlines because we are a bi-level marketing organization. We pay commissions down to two levels or generations, hence bi-level, because it is our contention that no organization can possibly continue to pay commissions on the sale of its products down to multiple generations of downlines and still sustain               profitability. It is a fact that many companies out there hold themselves out to be multi-level marketing organizations.  However, a thorough examination of their compensation structures reveals some elaborate marketing schemes promising highly exaggerated rewards to their members or distributors that have remained elusive for the most part.

3) Third, you generate incomes by constantly turning over products that you purchase from our company at a discount and then sell them at a mark-up to your customers. It is advisable to begin doing this as a hobby and devote more time and energy to it as you sponsor more recruits and earn a steady flow of income every month. Please do not immediately quit your jobs and invest all your money into this opportunity because, as in any other business ventures, there is a likelihood that you may not succeed as planned. 


***Ginger and More Business Opportunity is essentially about helping you, your immediate family, your relatives, your friends, your family's friends, your relatives' friends, and your friends' friends achieve their dietary goals through simple every day conversations and the actual sale of our products - Money is just a desirable by-product of this exercise. Ginger and More mission statement should always be your guiding light in all your interactions with the customers, that is, 'To help people lead a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life through Dietary Supplementation and Education.'

Ginger And More Refund Policy:
Ginger And More Refund policy:

Note that the one-time $50.00 introductory distributorship processing fee is non-refundable. Also, the nominal activity fee, required each year thereafter in order to renew or retain your distributorship privileges, will be waived for any Distributor if he and his downline(s), jointly or severally, have reached a combined total purchase of $500 in the previous calendar year. For further information, please reach out to us at service@gingerandmore.com.