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Customer Reviews

"I really like the fact that your products are all organic and natural with no preservatives in them. I used to purchase other similar products from other companies that were so fraught with preservatives that sickened me. Thanks, your company is the best! July 2018."
Mae Lam

"Thank you for a variety of such natural and organic products. I tried the Hemp protein, It was delicious and potent , I enjoyed it a great deal. Thank you very much indeed! June 2018."
Jackie Desronvilles

"I have been browsing on-line for more than 2 hours trying to find a decent dietary supplement company that only offers foods closed to their natural state to no avail. A friend of mine recommended your site to me and I was quite pleased at your selection of organic fruit and veggie powders. Note that I will be a customer for life. July 2018."
John Sambour

"I Stumbled onto Gingerandmore.com by chance while looking to buy organic powdered ginger to fix a gut problem that I had on the recommendation of my nutritionist. To make a rather long story somewhat shorter, after I consumed the ginger powder for 3 days, my gut issue vanished. My nutritionist was so impressed with the freshness and potency of this product that she started recommending it to all her clients. Now I purchase all my berry and veggie powders at Gingerandmore.com. Again, freshness and potency were what did it for me. Thank you Gingerandmore.com! July 2018."
Andrew Ramos

"I like your site because it is well organized as it explains every product in a way I can understand. But what I really really like is the fact that virtually every single supplement featured on your site is certified organic, chemical-free, vegan, gluten-free, and Non-GMO - August 2018"
Bruce Johnson

"I tried the Irish Moss. It is amazing how my Thyroid function has improved in such a short length of time. It is really packed with Iodine, I like it a lot. Thank you for such a superb selection of dietary supplements. September 2018"
Maggie Ching

"Thank you so much for your including Organic Irish Moss in your product line. I do not consume commercial salt, as a result, I have been struggling with an IODINE deficiency for a long time. Ever since I included Irish Moss in my diet, my IODINE level soars and my energy level soars also. Thank you very much!"
Mike Morency

"can you tell the country of origin for your Mulberry leaf powder Thanks"
arthur d wolf

"I tried the ginger powder, it was quite potent. I used it to make teas and baths - great products!"
Jimmy gautreau

"Ginger and more is a fine company"
Abbe Noguni

"I purchased the mulberry leaf powder, I liked it a lot and also it had a great taste. I will recommend it to anyone."
Derek Phillip

"we are doing some testing."
Muhammad Irfan

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